Burmese Pythons: Everglade Hunters

Have you seen a snake in your neighborhood? Pythons are all over the Florida everglades. Ever since the hurricanes that hit Florida, pythons have been scattered all over the everglades. Now Florida has been calling for a Python Hunt.

These pythons are very dangerous. The article Florida’s Python Hunt by Andrew Ng states “… pythons can kill and eat their pray whole.” The owners of the pythons keep them until they get to big. After that they let them go into the wild. They go around destroying the area around them. In the article Burmese ¬†Pythons: Not the Ideal Pet by Matt Piven it states, “… the largest snakes can grow to be length of 23ft and weigh up to 200 pounds. Because of how much kill potential these things have, the local animals are going to be in trouble.

The local animals are trying to stay away to not get eaten. The population of some animals in the area is going down because use the pythons are eating them. A species of animals might be wiped away because of the pythons. An article Burmese Python: The Ecosystem Challenge by EchEchoes states, ” An exotic pet dealers warehouse that holds pythons escaped.” Now the Wildlife Commission is sponsoring a Python hunting challenge. I don’t know how this will turn out.

The man made event was hurting the ecosystem. In the text by EchEchoes it said, ” We must do a better job educating people about the effects of carelessly letting their snakes go.” We have to do this in Florida and around the country. This will stop snakes going around and destroying their environment. In conclusion we need to stop letting the pythons go.

I do not want to see a snake in my neighborhood. It would be scary to see a snake roaming the area. We need to stop letting the deadly pythons go in the wild. The pythons are changing the Everglades.

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