Burmese Pythons: Everglade Hunters

Have you seen a snake in your neighborhood? Pythons are all over the Florida everglades. Ever since the hurricanes that hit Florida, pythons have been scattered all over the everglades. Now Florida has been calling for a Python Hunt.

These pythons are very dangerous. The article Florida’s Python Hunt by Andrew Ng states “… pythons can kill and eat their pray whole.” The owners of the pythons keep them until they get to big. After that they let them go into the wild. They go around destroying the area around them. In the article Burmese  Pythons: Not the Ideal Pet by Matt Piven it states, “… the largest snakes can grow to be length of 23ft and weigh up to 200 pounds. Because of how much kill potential these things have, the local animals are going to be in trouble.

The local animals are trying to stay away to not get eaten. The population of some animals in the area is going down because use the pythons are eating them. A species of animals might be wiped away because of the pythons. An article Burmese Python: The Ecosystem Challenge by EchEchoes states, ” An exotic pet dealers warehouse that holds pythons escaped.” Now the Wildlife Commission is sponsoring a Python hunting challenge. I don’t know how this will turn out.

The man made event was hurting the ecosystem. In the text by EchEchoes it said, ” We must do a better job educating people about the effects of carelessly letting their snakes go.” We have to do this in Florida and around the country. This will stop snakes going around and destroying their environment. In conclusion we need to stop letting the pythons go.

I do not want to see a snake in my neighborhood. It would be scary to see a snake roaming the area. We need to stop letting the deadly pythons go in the wild. The pythons are changing the Everglades.

Zack’s Poems of 2016

Free Verse

ABirds are awesome things.


The fly up high

in the sky.

Some have blue eggs some white.

Some don’t fly.

But the sun always smiles at the birds.


Superman is one of a kind.

Superman is always using his mind.

He is as strong as a rock.


The super shoes are amazing

they will transform your life.

You will run faster than light.

The super are one of a kind.

The sun is always looking at you shoes.

You will win all your races

the super shoes are very good.

Look at the first place winner as he stands.

Looking proud

he is wearing the shoes.

After you are done

wining you can pass

them on someone waiting to win.

Ode to Friends

You have them

we all do.

Without friends …

we have nothing to look

Forward to

And no fun to be had.


Why Kids Should NOT Be Paid for Chores

Reasons you should not be paid for chores.

Reasons you should not be paid for chores.

Why Kids Should NOT Be Paid for Chores

What’s wrong with a kid getting paid to do chores is if they do not want to do it. Think of you were a parent and your child doesn’t do a chore. They will still expect a pay check at the end of the week. You would not give them the money. Kids do not need to be paid for chores. Your kids are not paying the bills for a home. Why should they get money that you worked for. Kids should not not be paid for chores. Your kids are not going to do all the chores all the time. They might want to skip a day and still expect money. That doesn’t set a good example for your child.

Your child does not do every chore around the house. For the chores they don’t do, you might have to do them. You don’t get paid for doing them why should they. In the article The Surprizing Truth it says, “It sends the wrong message to your child.” Your kid will think they can get money by doing one easy task.

One reason people say that kids should get paid for chores is kids who do chores are more successful. I do not think that is the case. They just want money to buy things.

Kids should not be paid. It sends the wrong message to your child. Remember you are paying the bills not your kids.

http://www.kidsrkids.com/expert-parent-advice/3-reasons-to-not-pay-for-chores   –   Link to more info about if kids should be paid for chores.

Smallpox Epidemic 1775 in North America

This is a picture of the virus through the a powerful magnifying scope. The little yellow dot is t he virus spreading.

This is a picture of the virus through the a powerful magnifying scope. The little yellow dot is t he virus spreading.

This picture is of a  boy who has had smallpox for 3 days. The virus has spread through most of his body

This picture is of a boy who has had smallpox for 3 days. The virus has spread through most of his body.

This picture is of a mans hand who has had smallpox for 5 days. The bumps have spread through the whole hand.

This picture is of a mans hand who has had smallpox for 5 days. The bumps have spread through the whole hand.

I am doing the North American Small Pox Epidemic in 1775. I choose the epidemic because the numbers looked interesting. In North America their are cold and warm seasons. Their are also wet and dry seasons. Also their are some mountains in Tennessee. In the North East where most of the epidemic took place it has very cold winters.The small pox epidemic had some short-term and long-term effects.
Some short-term effects from the North American Small Pox epidemic are that more than 400,000 people were killed at the end of the epidemic.Another effect is that the people that had died left their families with no money to buy the things they needed like food. Peoples jobs had to be filled but nobody could. There were very minimal nurses to help healing the sick. Peoples home had to be turned into mini hospitals. But eventually their was no hope.

There was no way to escape the disease. Eventually a scientist created a cure for the epidemic. For the few still alive they were cured. The disease had stopped spreading.
One way that the disease could not spread is that the government could have condemned the people who were sick. Then the disease would not spread. Sadly the people who were condemned were probably going to die but their sacrifice would save 400,000.
The North American Smallpox epidemic was one of the deadliest outbreaks in the world.Killing over 400,000 I can see why.My prediction if the smallpox happened again today, I think it would not spread that much. The people who got sick would go to the doctors office. The doctor can give them the cure. That is what happened during the 1775 Smallpox epidemic.

American Hamburger

American Hamburger from: http://whatscookingamerica.net/Sandwich/AmericanHamburger.htm

American Hamburger from: http://whatscookingamerica.net/Sandwich/AmericanHamburger.htm

The American hamburger is a staple to American culture. It is traditionally made with a beef patty. Some religions are not allowed to eat beef. The hamburger doesn’t need to be made with beef it is great as a chicken patty or even a veggie patty. Hamburgers can be eaten any where from baseball games to fancy weddings.

Ichabod’s Revenge

Ichabod fell into the Hudson River after falling unconscious.He wakes at the shore and enters a small cave near by to shelter him from the falling downpour.
“What happened.” Ichabod said to himself. He rubbed the back of his head feeling drops of blood. He falls back unconscious having flashbacks of Brom Bones and Katrina. Ichabod slowly waking up now hears the chirping of birds. He is hungry and looking for food. Ichabod turns and slowly walks into the cave. As he is pacing himself he sees a glimmer of dazzling refined gold! He immediately runs towards the gold. Ichabod digs his hands into the pot of gold.Ichanod also finds a book of witchcraft? He tries to remember of the best school of witchcraft.
“I got it!” exclaims Ichabod, “Godfrey’s school of witchcraft.” All I want to do is to take back Katrina. Even better would be to take revenge on the whole town.
A few days later Ichabod signed into Godfrey’s School of Witchcraft. He was assigned to room A-406 where Mr.Godfrey was teaching.
“Good evening class your PSL spell today will teach you how to poison plants and animals.” yelled Godfrey across the class. Ichabod took a seat in the front row to get a good view of Godfrey. He practiced the spell a few times to make sure he was good at it. It turns out that Ichabod was a natural. To cast the spell he need to yell “Catfish and froglegs in a boiling pot! This is all I need to get revenge.” A few hours later Ichabod signed out of the school.
“This town won’t know what hit them when I am done.” said Ichabod with an evil tone. “Hahahaha!” an evil laugh could be heard through the night. Ichabod started to walk towards the town to get a better servay of the land.
Walking away laughing from the burning house Ichabod has a flash back of what terror that has happened to the town. He ran into the forest to spend the night. In the dream Ichabodhad later that night he wanted to get Katrina back. He had thought of breaking in, taking her and running into the forest. Then he could use a spell to clear her mind of all what happened around her. Ichabod could then restart with Katrina and live life like normal. Ichabod woke up the next morning refreshed and ready to go. He started walking to the town again. Ichabod ignored everything he had done the night before. He walked straight into the home he last saw Katrina enter, which was just about a block down. Ichabod barged into the house looking only for Katrina. He walked down many stray corridors looking. Ichabod found her in the bedroom sitting with drops of tears in her eyes. He grabbed her by the wrist and rushed her to the forest saying the spell as he ran. Katrina was immediately put into a deep sleep. Ichabod put Katrina down waiting for her to wake up.”Where are we?” asked Katrina.

“We were just having a picnic.” answered Ichabod. “Look at your hand, I married you days ago.”